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The Antire Universe

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Antire is the high fantasy universe I use for both fiction and role-playing games.
Antire is a world that inherits both literary and gaming traditions of fantasy and, to some extent, sci-fi and space opera. Tolkien, Lewis, Pratchett, Howard, Lovecraft, King, Gygax, Greenwood, Hickman & Weis, Lucas, and even artists such as Vallejo, Elmore, Easley, and Frazetta are all owed a debt.
While Antire inherits these traditions, it is not bound to obey the “rules” of any of those traditions. It is my own world in the end and I hope you enjoy the time we share together exploring its stories. The central characters tell just some of the stories of Antire! I hope the hints of a broader world you see in Antire inspire you in the same way that the cameos of the Mos Eisely cantina, the bounty hunters of the Empire Strikes Back, and Jabba’s palace made me feel the Star Wars universe was so much more than a convenient place for a story of empires, rebels, and space wizards.

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